Owaisi questions ‘silence’ over killing of Muslim army men in Jammu attack

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New Delhi: Member of Parliament Asaduddin Owaisi has questioned the ‘silence’ over the killing of five Kashmiri Muslim Armymen in the  Sunjuwan military Station attack in Jammu.

He pointed out that all those who question the patriotism of Muslims every day at 9 pm, why are they silent?

“Every day at 9 p.m. on television the nationalism of Muslims is questioned and questions are also raised on Kashmiris. Out of the seven killed in Jammu, five were Kashmiri Muslims. Now everybody is silent on their death. Why such silence on this issue”? asked Owaisi.

The Hyderabad MP and the chief of AIMIM, asserted that the people who call Muslims ‘Pakistanis’ and questioin their integrity every now and then, should take a from what happened in Jammu.

“We (Muslims) are giving our lives but the terrorists are killing us too as they are not discriminating anybody on the basis of religion. They treat everyone as Indian. But there are many such people in the country who still question our integrity,” Owaisi added.

On February 10, A group of heavily armed Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) militants entered the Sunjuwan army camp on February 10 after hurling grenades and using automatic gunfire. Three attackers, who managed to enter the Junior Commissioned Officer’s residential quarters, were killed in the operation by the forces.

Till now, the death toll in the attack stands at 10, after the body of another Army man Farooq Ahmad Qurashi was found on Tuesday.

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