Stares, scuffles, stabbings: Frames of anger in Kashmir

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Signature Anger.

With Eid around the corner, a commoner’s anguish stems from the rising heat in the market.

Be it a make-believe racecourse drives among cabbies or breakneck street engagements, Kashmir looks angry, in letter and spirit.

The emotion emerges when loud honking, wrong turns and desperate drives derail the street sanity. Maybe, the anger is justified, or an expression of a suppressed emotion, but embittering commuters with a normalized hit-and-run behavior needs some check and balance.

To begin with, there’s no study to map this mess. 

Kashmir’s anger problem is not even a work in progress. In the region where mind problems, so to say, is fetching myriad scholarships, the research on rage is yet to take off, notwithstanding the pre-August 2019 volumes long buried in the new order.

Street Ire.



With Eid around the corner, a commoner’s anguish stems from the rising heat in the market. “It’s not the same anymore,” expression now defines life in the landlocked landscape. The anger created by this pent-up emotion often leaves streets in a seething state. Fistfights and stabbings as an offshoot of this mindset were never so wild.

Seething Signal.


But then, the bureaus of data and statistics are quiet over this emotion. People are angry over dog menace, smart meters and poor handling of exams, but that hardly forms a data bank. The absence of record itself triggers this temper. 

Grave Gaze.


And then patrolling emotions is another matter of concern. The sense of curated expression now feeds the anger dynamics of the valley. The bygone garrulous have now become taciturn with annoyance added to their personality trait.

Raged Discourse.


Those running shows and creating stunts are now cheerleaders with a cause. Their clowning now breeds an armchair anger.

Blistering Bargain.


And if some of them are not clowning, they’re wondering about their lost cults. A few of them are fighting protracted court battles, others are waiting for godot, to reclaim their happy spaces. 

Signature Anger.


But the new order advocates are dismissing this anger as an expression of the lost sway. “They want to play seesaw according to their own rules,” thus the war of words never settles down anger in their combat arena.

Bad Business.


For the youth seeking means of survival in the region jinxed with joblessness, the anger comes from an existential anguish. The hiring agencies escalate this emotion by freezing selection lists. It works in rhythm and runs in loop.

This is not to say that the space is sullen and devoid of delight. Some Samaritans are uplifting gloom by arranging mass-marriage of daughters caught in the growing martial crisis. The anger of wedding lock is just another emotion dominating the discourse in the valley.

Decrying Denial.


And once they marry, the anger comes from their derailing domestic order. “She is this, and that,” and thus the vicious circle never stops. Even the dream weddings land in courtrooms and unending crises due to this hysterical emotion.

Unhappy Captain.


Kashmir, it seems, needs an anger management to strike some order in streets and social spaces. Naysayers might call this an expression of an angry mind, but the effervescing emotion itself demands redressal of this rage.

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