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Vehicles without valid fitness, other documents to be suspended in Kashmir

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Traffic plying on M A Road Srinagar, Kashmir. [FPK Photo/ Umar Farooq]

Srinagar: After the Doda accident, where a bus skidded off the road, rolled into a 300-foot gorge, and claimed the lives of 39 people, the Transport Department of Kashmir announced the suspension of all passenger vehicles lacking a valid fitness certificate and route permit for all services.

Following a meeting addressing the issue of road accidents at the highest level, a senior transport official said that any passenger vehicles lacking a valid fitness certificate and route permit will face suspension from all services.

“In light of the recent tragic accident in Chenab Valley and considering the discussions held at the highest level regarding road accidents, all passenger vehicles without a valid fitness certificate and route permit will be suspended from all services,” he stated, noting the issuance of a formal order to this effect.

“From now on, we’ll be closely checking these documents, and those vehicles without them will face consequences,” he added.

“Vehicles must possess valid documents, including a fitness certificate provided by the inspection board every six months. Also, they should carry insurance and other essential documents, including a commercial permit,” he added.

The official reiterated that, in specific instances, drivers have been found without these documents, contributing to serious road accidents. “Drivers should also conduct self-assessments of their vehicles to determine their roadworthiness,” he added.


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