Gaza genocide: Israeli army closes four roads near Lebanese border

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IDF in Gaza where they have killed more than 29,000 since October 7, when Hamas forces retaliated to decades long occupational crimes committed by Isarel in Palestine.

The Israeli army has taken the proactive step of closing four roads near the Lebanese border, according to reports from Israeli media on Monday.

The decision to close these roads, namely Malkia Junction, Yish’i Junction, Margaliot Entrance Intersection, and Jibor Intersection, was prompted by a comprehensive assessment of the regional situation conducted by the Israeli army.

These road closures are effective immediately and will continue until further notice, as reported by Israel’s public broadcaster, KAN.

The specific details of the assessment conducted by the Israeli army and the outcomes reached have not been disclosed to the public. However, this move comes at a time of increased tensions along the border between Lebanon and Israel. The region has witnessed sporadic exchanges of fire between Hezbollah and Israeli forces, marking the most intense confrontations since the full-scale war between the two sides in 2006.

The current border tension coincides with an Israeli military genocide in the Gaza Strip, initiated in since October 7 of the previous year. The offensive in Gaza has resulted in nearly 29,000 Palestinians, adding to the complex and volatile security landscape in the region.

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