‘Kill Muslims’: Mosque in Sweden targeted by Islamophobes with threatening graffiti

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A Swedish police officer in Stockholm. [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

The Stockholm Mosque, located in the Sodermalm district, continues to be the target of Islamophobic attacks, with the latest incident occurring on Wednesday.

According to a report by Anadolu Agency, Muslim worshippers discovered graffiti on the mosque wall featuring a Swastika sign alongside a threatening message stating, “kill Muslims.”

This marks the second hate crime against the mosque this week, following an incident on Tuesday where similar graffiti, including a Swastika, and a threatening message that read “go home” were found on a door.

Over the past year, the Stockholm Mosque has faced several threats and hate crimes directed at the Muslim community. The mosque administration, in a post on its website, revealed that the recent incidents included smashed windowpanes and reiterated the need for increased security measures, considering the recurring attacks.

Quoting Mohamed Amin, a member of the Stockholm Mosque committee, the report said, “Soon we will have to put bars in front of the windows to protect them, like in a prison.”

The mosque had previously dealt with a threatening letter containing a powder-like substance and a fake bomb placed at the main entrance a few weeks ago.

The Islamic Association of Stockholm’s mosque, condemning the racist attacks, emphasised the urgency for authorities to take decisive action against hate crimes targeting Muslims.

The association urged Swedish politicians to prioritise the safety of the Muslim community, asserting that the rise in threats against mosques reflects a deeper issue of anti-Muslim racism embedded in media and political discourse. In their statement, the association called for a higher priority on addressing hate crimes to ensure the safety and religious freedom of the Muslim community in Sweden.

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