PNB Loan Fraud: Original sin in this episode of Nirav Modi was committed in 2011, alleges BJP

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New Delhi: The ruling party BJP on Saturday claimed that the ‘original sin’ regarding the Punjab National Bank lone fraud was committed during the UPA regime in 2011.

The BJP, while attacking the Congress said that it they who indulge in scandalous affairs and then cover it up.

“Congress indulges in such scandalous affairs, misuses important positions in government, then quietly covers up everything they do. Instead of explaining how it happened during their period, they’re casting allegations. Original sin in this episode of Nirav Modi was committed in 2011,” senior BJP leader and defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman said at a press briefing.

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The Defence Minister while holding a number of documents, said that the Congress President Rahul Gandhi had benefited from the scam in which billionaire jeweler Nirav Modi and his partner Mehul Choksi are the prime suspects.

“Gitanjali Gems was suspended for 6 months from doing business on NSE in 2013. On 13 Septemeber 2013, Rahul Gandhi attends a promotion event of this jewellery group. On 15 September 2013, a proposal of restructuring and giving additional loans to the tune of Rs 1,500 crore to the same jewellery group is mooted in Allahabad Bank board meeting. Join the dots,” Sitharaman alleged.

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She also said that Congress has a direct link with the scam.

“You promote Geetanjali Gems, give them building on lease, your wife is a Director and accuse us of wrong-doing. Despite the clear link with them, Congress party has the audacity to point fingers at BJP!” Sitharaman railed.

After the biggest banking scam in the history, PNB said that they have the capacity to recover. The Bank is the second largest lender in India.

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