‘Two front war never a smart idea, improve relations with China for leverage against Pakistan’

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Chandigarh: Lt Gen Surinder Singh, the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command has said that it has never a ‘smart idea’ to fight a two front war, reported the Indian Express.

Singh, while speaking on the concluding day of a seminar “Geo-strategic manifestations in Pakistan and Implications for India” at Panjab University, argued that India needs to improve realtions with China in order to gain leverage over Pakistan.

“It will also help us secure one side of the border. People keep talking about a two-front war. It is never a good idea, never a smart idea to fight a two-front war,” he said. He added that there were various options, including re-negotiating some treaties, to bring about some pressure on Pakistan.

Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat last year in June had said that India is prepared for a two and half front war. 

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Singh also stressed that there should a greater role for ‘military diplomacy’.

“In Pakistan, military’s writ runs. Therefore, sooner or later, we have to talk to their military. I am convinced that on our side also, military diplomacy plays a very important role. Therefore, there has to be a greater role to military diplomacy so that the militaries of the two nations can work with each other and bring about greater confidence in each other and we can go forward,” he said.

He also pointed out that with China, there is no ‘people to people enmity’ and the entire polity is not pitted against the polity of the other side.

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“There are differences on demarcation of borders. I think this can be worked out. If we can improve our relations with China, we can develop the best possible leverage with Pakistan in times to come,” Lt Gen Singh said.

“Working with China will secure one side of border,” he said.


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