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New government rules for grant of domicile certificates; issuing officer to be heavily penalised for delay

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Process of getting a domicile certificate simplified

Appellate Authority delaying the process of issuing certificates to be penalised

Existing Permanent Residence Certificate holders too need domicile certificate to apply for jobs

West Pak Refugees, Safai Karamcharis, Children of Women married outside J&K too eligible 


Srinagar: The Government has issued a fresh notification where the rules for grant of domicile certificate were given out. The order says that any competent authority that delays the process of issuance of certificate will be penalised Rs 50,000 from their salary, while making the process to acquire a domicile much simpler, and including more categories of people.

Under the new domicile rules, “all those persons and their children who have resided for 15 years in Jammu and Kashmir or have studied for seven years and appeared in class 10th or 12th examination in an educational institution in the UT are eligible for grant of domicile”.

Children of Central Government officials who have served in the JK for a total period of ten years will also be eligible for domicile.

All migrants and their children who are registered with Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner will be granted a domicile certificate.

This domicile certificate had been made the basic eligibility condition for appointment to any government post in Jammu and Kashmir. Existing Permanent Residence Certificate holders too will need this domicile certificate to apply for jobs

The rules provide a time bound procedure for the issuance of the Domicile certificate.

The government has said that there shall be a timeline of 15 days for issuance of the certificate after which the applicant shall be free to approach an Appellate Authority, whose decision shall be binding upon the issuing authority.

The government has also mentioned the Appellate Authority are to be complied within seven days, failing which the defaulting officer shall be liable for a penalty of Rs 50,000 out of his salary.

The Authorities can also issue domicile certificates electronically.

“Permanent Residents of the erstwhile State of J&K in whose favour Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) has been issued by the competent authority before 31.10.2019 shall be eligible for receiving their Domicile Certificates on the basis of PRCs alone and no other additional document shall be required for such residents,” the government order read.

Kashmiri migrants can get the Domicile certificate on production of either a PRC or Certificate of registration of migrant.

As a result of the new rules and procedure, West Pakistan Refugees (WPRs), Safai Karamcharis and Children of Women married outside Jammu and Kashmir who were earlier deprived shall also be now eligible for Domicile Certificate.


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