Muslim man who rescued, looked after Sarus crane booked

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Arif Khan Gurjar of Mandkha Amethi Uttar Pradesh kissing the Sarus crane.

Amethi: A Muslim man from Uttar Pradesh who saved a Sarus crane and cared for it for a year has received a case and notice from the Forest department, according to officials.

The crane, which resided with Arif Khan Gurjar in the Mandkha village of the Amethi district and was considered “like a family member” since it went to his fields with him, was hauled away by Forest department personnel on March 21, a report by PTI said.

An official had stated that the bird was relocated to the Samaspur sanctuary in Rae Bareli so that it may dwell in its native habitat.

Gurjar received a letter from the department on Saturday asking him to appear at the divisional forest officer’s office in Gauriganj on April 4 to give a statement.

The leader of the Samajwadi Party, Akhilesh Yadav, spoke at a news conference the day after the bird was taken away. He criticised the Forest department’s actions and impliedly questioned whether any official would have the guts to remove the peacocks from the prime minister’s mansion.

The former chief minister and Gurjar were seated on the dais, but Gurjar remained silent.

After gaining notoriety for his “friendship” with the bird, Yadav travelled to Gurjar. Additionally, on social media, he posted images of himself with Gurjar and the bird.

Divisional Forest Officer DN Singh had stated in response to Yadav’s accusations, “Whatever action has been taken is with Arif’s (Gurjar’s) consent.”

These birds always live in couples, according to the authority. There was considerable concern for this one’s welfare because it was living alone.

Yadav said on Thursday that the crane had vanished before being saved by some locals. However, the assertion has been refuted by forest officials.

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