Jamie Lee Curtis, Justin Bieber called out for sharing images of destroyed Gaza to express solidarity with Israel

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Post showing destroyed Gaza shared by Justin Bieber to express solidarity with Israel. [Photo: Screenshot]

Jamie Lee Curtis, an American actress, producer, and children’s author and Canadian singer Justin Drew Bieber faced a social media wrath after they shared images of Gaza children, who are under continuos Israeli bombardment, and destruction in the city to express solidarity with Israel.

However, as both realised their silly mistakes, they deleted the posts. Pertinently, the airstrikes have brought immense devastation to the region. The new figures have increased the overall death toll to nearly 1,200, while the number of injured persons have shot up to 5,339, including 1,217 children and 744 women.

Curtis deleted a controversial Instagram post featuring a picture of children looking terrified while missiles are launched in the sky. The actress had captioned the image with an Israeli flag, but it was clarified by the photographer that the picture actually featured Palestinian children in Gaza seeking refuge from Israeli airstrikes.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, the 64-year-old actor re-shared the image alongside the caption: “TERROR FROM THE SKIES @samarabuelouf @nytimes.” The photograph was taken by Samar Abu Elouf for the New York Times.

People also took to platforms such as Reddit and X, formerly known as Twitter, with one user theorizing Curtis may have confused the children as Israeli children opposed to Palestinian kids.

Another user said: “Yes @jamieleecurtis, this is truly barbaric. It’s a picture of Palestinians in Gaza being bombed from the sky by Israel. Nice propaganda that you refuse to delete even after being called out.”

Justin Bieber also shared a fake image. He took to his Instagram page to share a message that read, “Praying for Israel’. While his intention was to support Israel in the ongoing war, he used a photo of the destruction in Gaza while expressing his support. Soon after realising the blunder, he deleted the post and re-shared his message.

The relentless Israeli bombardment of Palestinian territories has resulted in a devastating toll, with over 1,200 Palestinian lives tragically lost. The Palestinian Health Ministry said that at least 51 people were killed and 281 others injured in the airstrikes in the past 24 hours, CNN reported. Despite international appeals for a ceasefire, the assault by Israeli forces continues, casting a dark shadow over the region and raising concerns about the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

The conflict underscores the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to this long-standing and deeply complex issue, as the human cost of the ongoing violence continues to mount.

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