What fails Idea of Education: A Kashmiri Class 10 student addresses Elephant in Room

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Students attending morning assembly. [Photo: Facebook/ Girls Higher Secondary School, Baramulla.]

Writer’s Note: With the rising demands for extra classes and competency between students of different grades, I strongly believe it’s important that we realise the pressure and expectations put on students by our society.

In scientific terms, Education stands to be the behavioural modification, in a desirable direction and, in a controlled environment. 

But sadly, this is not what is being focused upon in Education, in today’s fast moving world. 

To be more precise, Education has become more of a rat race for students, rather than being a forum where one can grasp ideas and concepts to be prepared for the tests life has kept in store. 

Education has had the goal of improving a person’s well-being and mending them in a way which is judicious and appropriate.

But what makes students dislike studies, is the way it is taught. 

Schools and other institutions focus more on the result and outcome, instead on concept clarifications, which are most needed to be able to qualify a high aptitude test. 

When the notions and theory remain undefined and lack conceptualization, parents ought to send their children to other institution after schools which increase the mental and social pressure on students. 

We students spend most of our day in schools where we mostly only study whilst having enough pressure, stress and load on us from parents and schools. 

The standards and expectation for performing best puts a student into unimaginable and intense stress. 

A constant fear of meeting up the standards and expectations makes a student experience anxiety, fear and depression. 

Such normalised things can easily push students to the wall.

Having said all this, it is not the fault of the schools alone. The society equally shares the blame. 

We have transformed education in such a way where only cramming and passing with flying colours is what is being acknowledged. 

Basics and concepts are mostly shunned and snubbed. Results are what matter to schools and to the society. But in the later course of life, this culture creates incompetent students.

As part of Education system, many competitive institutions have mushroomed. Most of us prefer them for higher studies and tuition. 

But sadly, as we dig deeper into the system, we find an immensely disturbing mantra that these institutes carry on. 

And this is tragic given how our homeland has given birth to many influential and famous personalities. All of them have led forward the idea of smart work over hard work. Even international universities prefer students with a sound moral and knowledge skills based portfolio.

As the world is transitioning and developing rapidly, it becomes essential to focus not only on academic but more on extracurricular activities. Such activities sharpen and mend our imagination to make ourselves better and self-sufficient.


Fallak Naz is a Class 10th student from Kashmir.

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