ICJ orders Israel to prevent genocidal acts in Gaza

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The hearing at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Gaza genocide. [Photo: X/ CIJ_ICJ]

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has issued its verdict on the emergency measures sought by South Africa in its genocide case against Israel regarding the Israel’s onslaught in Gaza , killing more than 26,000 Palestinians so for.

The court, while refraining from ordering an immediate ceasefire, has mandated that Israel take decisive actions to prevent acts of genocide in the Gaza.

The ICJ’s ruling, delivered amidst a highly contested legal battle, does not delve into the merits of the genocide allegations but focuses on immediate measures to address the escalating humanitarian crisis. The decision raises anticipation for a more comprehensive examination of the case in the years to come.

Since the commencement of Israel’s military campaign on October 7, the conflict has exacted a severe toll on the civilian population in Gaza.

Official reports from Gaza authorities indicate a staggering toll of at least 26,083 lives lost and 64,487 people wounded. Tragically, thousands more are presumed dead, buried under the rubble as a result of the widespread destruction caused by the conflict.

The ICJ’s ruling marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing legal battle between South Africa and Israel, shedding light on the international community’s efforts to address the complex and deeply entrenched issues surrounding the Gaza conflict.

The decision has garnered global attention, with many closely watching for further developments and the potential long-term implications for the pursuit of justice and stability in the region.

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