Rajasthan: 30 arrested, 12 houses razed, 70 bigha crops destroyed amid cow slaughter allegations

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Cops standing at the incident site in Alwar. [Photo: Video screengrab]

Alwar: In Alwar, Rajasthan, the agricultural landscape of Rundh Gidawada village faced disruption as wheat and mustard crops spanning 70 Bigha land were destroyed by police forces.

The incident unfolded following allegations of cow slaughter, which stands unconfirmed.

The destruction extended beyond the fields, with authorities bulldozing 12 houses in connection with the same allegations. This action has not only resulted in agricultural losses but has also displaced several families in the region.

The arrest of 30 people has heightened tensions in the area, as locals grapple with the aftermath of both the agricultural and residential devastation.

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