‘GoI sitting with eyes closed’: SC bans Patanjali ads for ‘taking country for a ride’

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court has imposed a complete ban on advertisements by Patanjali, led by Baba Ramdev, citing them as “false and misleading.”

The apex court took a stern stance against both Baba Ramdev and the Government of India, expressing deep concern over the promotion of products through deceptive advertising.

A notice for contempt of court has been issued to Patanjali and its co-founder, Acharya Balakrishnan. The court accused them of blatant disobedience and disregard for previous orders related to truthful advertising.

During the proceedings, the Supreme Court reprimanded Baba Ramdev, stating, “You have the guts to put out these ads after our orders! You are tempting the court!” The court expressed its discontent with the persistent violation of regulations despite previous warnings.

The justices did not mince words, asserting that “the entire country is being taken for a ride” and accused the government of India “sitting with its eyes closed” while deceptive advertising continued unabated.

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