Khalsa Aid comes to the rescue of Abi Navpora fire victims

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Srinagar: Khalsa Aid, an international non-profit organization hosted an Iftaar meal for the fire victims of Abi Navpora on Thursday.

They also distributed blankets and other necessities among the families ravaged by fire on 4th of April this year.

A short circuit caused an uncontrollable fire due to which 26 families are now living in makeshift tents in the Dal Lake.

The NGO has plans to work with the victims post Eid too.

A kid enjoys a drink during an Iftaar meal hosted by the Khalsa Aid for Abi Navpora fire victims on Thursday. FPK Photo/Zaid Irshad

“Our help doesn’t end here. We have post eid plans for these victims. We will be working closely with them and try to provide proper shelter and other essential commodities to them as their homes have been completely damaged,” said   Jeevanjot Singh, a volunteer of Khalsa Aid.

However he added that providing daily usage items won’t be a problem for the organization, however building shelters will require government permission.

“We have already provided two blankets per family and post Eid we will do as much as possible. As of now they are living in tents and we would like to provide them with better shelter. However, we want to be as transparent as possible. Building shelters for them would require government permission, “ Singh pointed out.

However FPK paid a visit to the makeshift tents where the victims are living as of now. They are living on God’s good humour.

A family sitting in front of their makeshift tent. FPK Photo/Zaid Irshad

“They (government) gave us Rs. 1000 and makeshift tents. How am I going to live here peacefully with my family when my granddaughter was about to drown thrice”, Says Zoona, an elderly woman.

The disastrous fire took everything from them. When the fire broke out, people just grabbed whatever they could, including new-borns!

A fire victim said,” How long am I going to live like this when I can’t even earn and feed my family properly?”

Suddenly it started hailing so hard that the victims invited this reporter into their home, a makeshift tent.

Dilapidated conditions in which the 26 victim families are living since April. FPK Photo/Zaid Irshad

Sitting there for 45 minutes and clicking pictures, made me ponder that how are 8 members going to sleep in this 10×7 tent in which there was a kitchen too!

The whole tent shook once due to the winds and my heart skipped a beat and the first thought that crossed my mind was that I can’t swim.

As the wind kept blowing, they brought everything inside and placed it in their ‘kitchen’, the only space available.

Those 45 minutes spent in that makeshift tent were the most painful of my life.  While leaving I asked Zoona, “What all do you require?”

“Everything,” she replied.

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