Guidelines for prospective writers

Free Press Kashmir (FPK) welcomes contributions for reports, photo features, reviews, analysis, opinions, interviews, fiction, personal accounts and anything worth documenting. The topics can vary from politics, economics, history, culture to general observation and data stories (including audio-visual).

We prefer original articles and request the writers to clearly mention if the piece has been previously published. If a fresh piece has been sent as a pitch to multiple publications, we request the writers to inform us about it.

FPK welcomes independent journalists, freelancers, thinkers and contributors from all over the world as our space is not limited to South Asia only. The pitches should not be more than 200 words in length and should have an introduction to the topic, followed by a brief description of who will we be hearing in the story (as quotes), and what will we be seeing (as visuals), time that the story would take to complete and other relevant data.

The pitch should be followed by the author’s background/description and a few samples of the previous work. Being a weekly, the editors at FPK prefer longer, descriptive, and narrative features.

  • The editorial staff will select submissions.
  •  FPK is open to all views and ideologies.
  • FPK accepts in-depth features.
  • Content as well as presentation and writing style hold equal importance.
  • FPK prefers stories which have a regional or a global impact.
  • FPK looks for subjects which are ignored or not given space in the mainstream media.

Accepted Pitches

The accepted stories will not necessarily be published immediately. Once accepted, the stories may remain in our bank for some time before being published. We request the writer to be available via email or phone throughout the process.

A piece may go back and forth a few times with suggested changes and commentary. This may appear troublesome but ensures quality. We request the writers to be patient through this process.


The editors at FPK will decide whether the selected article will feature in the print version or will be published online.   

We are current not paying for submissions.

Please be patient if you do not hear from us immediately, FPK has a small editorial staff with a large workload.


Mail your pitches to [email protected] with the subject as “PITCH: [your story idea]”

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