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How Kashmiri Tweeple reacted to Pakistan PM Sharif’s ouster after the Panama verdict

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Srinagar: A five judge bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday unanimously disqualified the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from holding his office in the Panama Papers case, the Dawn reported.

Supreme Court Justice Asif Saeed Khosa initiated announcing the court’s verdict on the Panama Papers case shortly after 12:00pm.

Nawaz Sharif, known as the ‘Lion of Punjab’, became the Prime Minister in the politically unstable Pakistan for a record three times, but every time he was forced to quit in the middle of his term – first by the presidency, then the military and now the judiciary.

Here is how Kashmiris reacted to the Panama verdict:

1. Watching #Indian #TV channels report on the #PanamaVerdict. Why are they all shouting but.

— Aliya Nazki (@AliyaNazki) July 28, 2017

2. Pak.#SupremeCourt disqualifies #NawazSharif as #PM.Another set back after #Bihar for liberals & pseudos.Will organise a #CondolenceMtng. pic.twitter.com/TpHduVXIuJ

3. Gentle reminder: One of the #PanamPaper accused in India has become brand ambassador of #GST, a tax reform which was introduced last month. https://t.co/b1DkVFE4JS

4. Sharif is the fourth highest office holders i.e sitting Prime Minister/President in the world to get disqualified or quit in #PanamaLeaks

5. Indian media did not even report it in primetime, that their Supreme Court rejected a petition into Kashmiri Pandit killings this week.

6. Good to hear @VidShankarAiyar on Pak judiciary’s historic judgment and PM Sharif’s resignation. Fair and as usual spot on.

7. Nawaz Sharif’s game over #Pakistan https://t.co/e0wfYd8awx

8. Let’s give it to Pakistan judiciary – After Musharraf,PM Geelani & now Nawaz. https://t.co/jRMYqIquJC

9. Big day for #Pakistan https://t.co/RxJHNZ6vo2

10. #PanamaVerdict shows the strength of Pakistani judiciary that brought down a PM. Those seeing army role in court orders are ignorant fools.

11. Less than an hour after the landmark judgment, #NawazSharif has quit as the 20th PM of #Pakistan. Wikipedia has made the change already! pic.twitter.com/P4mkUAKYm4

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