ISIS supporters celebrate Hurricane Irma on social media

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‘May Allah drown the enemies of Islam’

ISIS supporters on social media were seen celebrating Hurricane Irma, a storm causing havoc through the Caribbean Islands and US cities of Florida and Georgia.

Supporters of the radical Islamist group are sharing messages celebrating the catastrophic trail left by the natural disaster, which has killed at least 18 people, all on Caribbean islands.

One supporter, writing in Arabic, said, “A historic hurricane will hit Florida, especially the city of Miami” soon, one that would leave an “international tragedy” on American soil.

Another user, his name given as Abu Jandal, said that the natural disasters were a form of payback for the America’s foreign policy.

“Due to the threat of (a) storm millions of people from Florida are displaced from their homes. O Crusaders! This is the reward of your crimes against Muslims. Do not forget it,” he wrote.

A Facebook account called ‘The Monotheist Page’ which supports the internationally deemed ‘terrorist group’, posted  a status on Wednesday which said: ‘May Allah drown the enemies of Islam and force them to their knees to be subdued’.






























In one post, a pro-Al-Qaeda cleric, Saudi national Dr. Abdullah al-Mohaisany, wrote that such disasters are “normal” because “they (the Americans) oppressed within the lands, they increased their corruption and indeed, your Lord is in observation.”

Irma has caused widespread and catastrophic damage on its track across the Atlantic and is the most intense Atlantic hurricane observed in over a decade.




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