In Bihar’s state board question paper, Kashmir is a country

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Patna: One of the questions prepared by Bihar’s state education board for class VII students describes Kashmir as a separate country, asking students what the people of the country Kashmir are called.

The question of 2×4 marks asks: “What are the people of the following countries called? One is done for you.
(i) The people of China are called the … Chinese.
(ii) The people of Nepal are called the ….
(iii) The people of England are called the …
(iv) The people of Kashmir are called the ….
(v) The people of India are called the …”

It was part of the paper of English in the half-yearly examination of Class VII students of government schools across the state. The examination commenced on October 5 and will end on Wednesday, a Times of India report said.

According to the report, the incident came to fore when a class VII student pointed it out to the teachers.

The education officer Sangeeta Sinha, according to the report, has claimed that she was on leave during that time and had no knowledge about the question paper.

The Bihar Education Project Council state programme officer Prem Chandra said that it was a printing error.

“It’s very embarrassing, I admit,” he told TOI.


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