Protest programme against tinkering of state subject law to continue, says Joint Resistance

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The Joint Resistance Leadership on Monday said that the protest programme against the tinkering of State Subject law will continue despite the Supreme Court adjourning it to August 27.

Ina statement, the JRL said,“…as the hearing of the case regarding the hereditary state subject law of J&K has been simply deferred from today till last week of August by the Indian Supreme Court, when the Amarnathji Yatra ends, the protest programs against tinkering with the law will continue as leadership deliberates upon it.”

They said that deferment of the case by a few weeks is an “indication about the intentions of the court which entertained these mischievous petitions backed by the RSS, as part of RSS’s well known agenda on J&K.”

“A strict vigil will be maintained on the situation as they will continue to devise and follow a collective strategy in consultation with all segments of society, including traders, lawyers, civil society members, transporters and others,” the JRL said in the statement.

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The JRL lauded the entire people of J&K from all regions and religions for their unity and exemplary courage in defending this law, which is “fundamental to our existence as a nation.”

“This law is directly linked to the disputed status of the entire state of J&K as people of the state are yet to exercise their right to self- determination guaranteed by the UN to decide their permanent dispensation as a nation,” said the JRL.

“The mischievous move to remove this provision is clearly aimed at undoing that possibility by changing the demographic nature of the state and settling non-residents here and hence undermining the conflict and its resolution.”

“The leadership and people J&K are ready to die for safeguarding our identity and the disputed political status of our land and are all geared up to lead a political mass agitation against it. The sacrifices offered by our people especially the youth are too immense to ignore.”

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