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Fusing genres and languages: Radio Mirchi’s ‘Corridor 983’ promoting local artists

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Promoting local artists, Radio Mirchi (RM) 98.3 FM on Saturday released another song composed in its ‘Corridor 983’ by a Srinagar based artist Ambreen Haqani.

The song ‘Tcharan Tcharan’ is a mashup of Kashmiri, English and Urdu. Haqani, 20, lives in, Dalgate, Srinagar and is pursuing Electrical Engineering from Sir Syed Memorial College of Engineering.

The radio station hunting for local talent for the series had approached her singer best friend Nargis who had suggested Haqani’s name.

In conversation with Free Press Kashmir about the synopsis of the songs she sang, Haqani says, “The Kashmiri song I sang in Mirchi’s corridor was just made up in mere minutes. I’m trying to give it a better shape and hope it turns out well. I tried to spice up things a bit, so the first song that plays ‘Loal Aam’ is Kashmiri song that is originally sung by Shameema Dev.”

“And then there is English part, ‘Won’t let it go’. I wrote that song in my first year of college.”

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“I wrote the Nazre part of the song in my 12th standard. It’s about the beloved and their eyes; how the eyes do the talking while rest of the world comes to a standstill. The other Kashmiri song ‘Tcharan Tcharan’ in the composition is written by me. The lyrics are about longing for childhood, where one just can’t help but reminisce the childhood memories and search for them in every nook and corner, but that’s the irony you can’t have them back”

She was assisted for the recording by Numan Baba, who was featured earlier this month.

While she loves Engineering, she says her love for music has been growing day by day. Recalling her first experience of performing in front of a crowd, she says, “I’d sing along the verses whenever songs played on TV or Radio. I never thought of making it my second profession.”

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“I’m an occasional writer. I write in Urdu as well as English. At present, I’ve written 3 English songs and 4 Urdu songs. I’m trying to write in Kashmiri as well,” she says.

Haqani believes that there is immense talent in Kashmir. “Be it education, music, fine arts or sports, Kashmiris have excelled in every field and in every possible way. Now, Radio Mirchi is providing a platform to youngsters like us. It gives us the right kind of kick-start to start our musical journey,” says Haqani who thinks more hidden talent would be discovered from Kashmir if the hunt continues.

Next in line for Corridor 983 series are artists: Nargis Khatoon and Harkishan Singh Sanam.


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