Congressman Aiyar defends his ‘Neech Aadmi’ remark against Modi, says ‘Wasn’t I prophetic’

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Congress leader Mani Shakar Aiyar has justified his 2017 ‘neech aadmi’ comment against Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi saying that his remark was ‘prophetic’.

Saying that Modi was set to be ousted on May 23, Aiyar said, “That would be a fitting end to the most foul-mouthed prime minister this country has seen or is likely to see. Remember how I described him on 7 December 2017? Was I not prophetic?”

In an article published in The Print, Aiyar slammed Modi for a “dirty election campaign”.

“Modi needs to be warned that he’s guilty of anti-national activity in trying to ride on sacrifices of Army & CRPF martyrs in a dirty election campaign,” Mani Shankar wrote in the article titled ‘Modi’s ouster on 23 May will be India’s fitting reply to the most foul-mouthed PM’.

Justifying his remarks against Modi, Aiyar cited comments made by Modi in election rallies and interviews on Rajiv Gandhi, Balakot air strikes.

Accusing Modi of lying regarding his educational qualification, Aiyar asked, “Why lie about one’s educational qualifications – or lack of them? Unless, of course, such lying is a compulsive psychological disorder.”

The Congress leader also slammed Modi for his “cloud cover helped Indian Air Force in Balakot”.

“He [Modi] thumped his 56-inch chest and saw that heavy cloud cover was actually good for the Indian Air Force because Pakistani radar would not be able to penetrate thick black clouds. This is to insult our brave airmen,” Aiyar wrote.

“Did Modi take his senior-most Air Force officers for fools that he could trot out such ridiculous unscientific rubbish before them? And were they so pusillanimous that they dared not correct such a vacuous Prime Minister?” Mani Shankar Aiyar asked.

On PM’s remark that Rajiv Gandhi used INS Viraat as personal taxi, Mani Shankar Aiyar called Modi’s comment against the former Prime Minister as another insult directed at senior officers of the Navy.

“If after four of the senior-most Naval officers have said so, does not decency demand that Modi withdraw the allegations he has made about Rajiv using the Indian Navy as a “personal taxi” to ferry “foreigners” to a holiday on one of the islands, Bangaram?” Aiyar said.

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