‘Zam zam belongs to us’: Hatemonger Yati Narsinghanand calls upon Hindus to invade Kaaba

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Hindutva member Yati Narsinghanand Giri. [File Photo]

New Delhi: The notorious Hindu-right wing member and hatemonger Yati Narsinghanand has once again delivered a hate speech targeting Muslims. He called on Hindus to attack Mecca and invade Kabba. He claimed that the holy zam zam water belongs to their deity.

The video of the same has gone viral on social media and Muslims all around the world have condemned the hate remarks and called on the government of India to take action against Narsinghanand

The repeat offender called on Hindus to stand against Muslims and reach not only Afghanistan but “Mecca also where the alleged Mahadev temple” is located.  Narsinghanand, a Dasna temple priest in Ghaziabad is known for his hate-spewing remarks against Muslims.

Pertinently, the trends that support Narsinghanand are being promoted by top BJP leaders, especially Kapil Mishra who shares a close relationship with him. Kapil Mishra earlier started a donation drive for Narsinghanand’s mission to “remove Islam and Muslims from the face of Earth.”

Narsinghanand does not operate alone. He is backed by several inflammatory individuals on the far right. He also makes good use of certain social media practices, gurukuls and fringe elements who operate on their own.

Last year in April, he along with other hate mongers was booked for hate speeches made at a “Hindu Mahapanchayat” that “50 percent of Hindus will convert” in 20 years if a Muslim becomes the prime minister of the country.

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