Recent incidents of army men committing suicide unmasks the stress they face while serving in Kashmir: Rashid

Handwara: Expressing his deep concern over suicide committed by two army men in Langate and Lolab during the last two days, MLA Langate Engineer Rashid has said that the unfortunate incidents have unmasked the stress among army men while serving in violence hit Kashmir.

While addressing a gathering in Handwara on Thursday, Rashid said, “Both the incidents should open the eyes of hate mongers and war propagandists all over India and must understand that those wearing uniform are also human beings and cannot always remain detached and isolated from what is happening around them. It effects their personal lives.”

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He added, “These are not the incidents in isolation but such tragedies have happened in the past also when even army officers committed suicide after feeling distressed. Let the so called ultra nationalists not forget the fate, Major Avtar who killed renowned Human Rights Activist Jaleel Andrabi.”

Rashid pointed out that the suicide committed by Major Avtar proves that sooner or later one realizes his mistake and finds himself guilty in the court of conscience, ‘even if the dirty AFSPA may give him impunity’.

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“Army or anyone else in uniform can never speak for himself for the want of professional constraints. Being alert round the clock, miles away from their native places seeing innocents getting killed and other atrocities on Kashmiris very often too melt the hearts of a section of armed forces and they do express it with the locals especially common masses in remote villages, while performing their duties. It is time for all those who truly respect human lives and feel pain of mothers to rise to the occasion and work for a durable settlement to Kashmir dispute,” Rashid concluded.

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