US plans to send foreign students home, if classes are online

The move may force Universities to end online education and resume regular classes

Srinagar: Amid the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, the new guidelines issued by the federal immigration authorities on Monday showed that United States is planning to ask students to vacate or transfer to another school, if their schools offer classes entirely online this fall.

Insisting that schools and colleges in US should return to in-person instruction as soon as possible, the US President, Donald Trump said that democrats want to keep schools shut “for political reasons, not for health reasons.”

Besides this, US seems to be framing tough laws for the international immigrant community, particularly for India.

In a recent decision by US to suspend H1B1 visa, that allows qualified professionals to temporarily live and work in the United States, the county has affected the Indian students and IT professionals badly.

The decision to leave is making a lot of Indian students who are studying abroad and want to work in the US or Indian employees already working in the US, very anxious.

According to the new law for the Visa, people will be given the H1B visa in the upper end of the earnings.

As the pandemic prevails and worsens day by day, these bills are affecting the Indian community to a very large extent.

In yet another bill issued by Kuwait, Indians should not exceed 15% of the population of the country as the bill seeks to reduce the number of foreign workers in the gulf country.

As per the statistics, 8 lakh Indians may be forced to leave Kuwait as its National Assembly committee has passed the draft expat quota bill.

According to the Indian embassy in Kuwait, there are about 28,000 Indians working for Kuwaiti government including doctors, engineers, nurses and a few scientists.

Due to the pandemic, the Indian economy has already been affected badly due and already has the prevalence of unemployment.

Reports suggest that such laws aiming at expelling Indians will lead to further loss of the Indian economy as these workers would contribute to the economy majorly.


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