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Kashmiri Pandits being made scapegoats for TRPs, says Kashmiri Pandit body

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Srinagar: In the backdrop of the back-to-back debates being telecast on television channels discussing the situation in Kashmir, a Srinagar-based Kashmiri Pandit body has requested the Government of India (GoI) to put a halt to all kinds of Kashmir centric TV debates.

“May I request all news channel’s in India don’t make resident Kashmiri pandits scapegoats for your TRP, the Kashmiri Pandit Sangarsh Samiti (KPSS), a non-migrant Kashmiri Pandit organization, said on Saturday.

A target rating point or television rating point for televisions is a metric used in marketing and advertising to compare target audience impressions of a campaign or advertisement through a communication medium relative to the target audience population size.

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