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Possibility of Pak using arms left by US, Taliban fighters in Kashmir: BSF

Armed forces personnel patrol near Line of Control. File Photo

New Delhi: Border Security Force (BSF) DG Pankaj Kumar Singh has warned about the possibility of Pakistan using Taliban fighters and arms and war equipment left behind by US-led forces before withdrawings troops from Afghanistan, for “waging jihad” in Kashmir, Times of India reported.

“We are very sensitive to this aspect. We are regularly monitoring and tracking militant plans and conspiracies hatched across the border, and since this is to be done by intelligence agencies, we are in touch with them to keep a strict watch. The government is very concerned and careful lest it is caught unawares,” Singh was quoted as saying during a press conference.

Stating that BSF has deployed around 62 companies, or roughly 6,000 troops, in Kashmir purely for law and order duties – years after it made way for CRPF to assist the JK police in this function – Singh said this was done at the request of JK police following the string of “targeted civilian killings” in October.

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