Why hate Hindus so much, Hardik Patel after Congress exit

Hardik Patel. [File Photo]

Gujarat: Politician Hardik Patel, who recently quit the Congress, on Tuesday hit out at the party for their “hatred towards Hindus and Lord Ram”

Patel took to Twitter to slam a former Gujarat Congress president who allegedly said dogs had urinated on bricks being used for building the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

“I had said earlier too that the Congress party works to hurt the sentiments of the people, always trying to damage the faith of the Hindu religion. Today, a former Union minister and Gujarat Congress leader made a statement that dogs urinate on the bricks of Ram temple,” Patel tweeted.

“I want to ask Congress and its leaders what enmity do you have against Lord Shri Ram? Why hate Hindus so much? After centuries, a temple of Lord Shri Ram is also being built in Ayodhya, yet the leaders of Congress keep making statements against Lord Ram,” he further said in a tweet.

Patel had on Wednesday resigned from the party and stated that Gujarat Congress leaders were least bothered to address real issues of Gujarat but were more focussed on ensuring that the leaders who come from Delhi in Gujarat get “chicken sandwich” on time.

He alleged that Gujarat Congress leaders tried to disrupt his political effort “sitting in the AC chambers”.

The Gujarat Assembly elections are slated to be held this year.


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