Khalistan supporters hold demonstration in US, PTI journalist claims assault

Khalistan supporters have been holding demonstrations in various cities across the world to show solidarity with absconding Khalistan propagator Amritpal Singh, against whom authorities have launched a crackdown in India.

Khalistan supporters protesting outside the Indian embassy in Washington DC went into a tirade against Indian ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu.

“…which is the Indian government and their ambassador, Mr Taranjit Singh Sandhu, who is the face of terror diplomacy in the free world… we want to remind him that it is unacceptable for you guys to kill minorities, to rape Christian women, to kill innocent Sikh men, to kill Muslims, to kill people in Nagaland, and then come here and say that you’re the biggest democracy. This hypocrisy comes to an end now,” one of the protesters ranted.

An Indian journalist covering the same demonstration claimed he was physically attacked by some of the demonstrators.

Condemning the assault, the Indian embassy said, “We condemn such a grave and unwarranted attack on a senior journalist. Such activities only underscore the violent and anti-social tendencies of the so-called ‘Khalistani protestors’ and their supporters, who routinely engage in wanton violence and vandalism. We thank the law enforcement agencies for their prompt response in the matter.”

Khalistan symapthisers have staged protests at Indian missions in various cities across the world, including London and San Francisco, against the crackdown on Amritpal and his aides, which began on March 18. Several of these demonstrations took a violent turn, prompting India to launch protest with the host country.

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