Russia will soon have ‘new President’: Wagner Group after Putin’s televised address

Personnel of Wagner Group. [Photo: ABC News Video/Screengrab]

Reacting to the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s televised address in which he vehemently denounced the Wagner Group and issued orders for the armed forces to take decisive action against those accountable, the Wagner Group expressed their disagreement, asserting that the Russian President had made an erroneous decision and predicting the imminent rise of a new president in Russia.

“Putin made the wrong choice and soon Russia will have a new president,” the Wagner Group said.
Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner Group, directed his animosity towards Russia, vowing to overthrow the nation’s military leadership, which he accused of perpetrating the deaths of his own soldiers.

Putin had referred to the Wagner Group’s insurgency as a treacherous betrayal, delivering a devastating blow to the country’s military.

The leader of the Wagner mercenary group had threatened to “go all the way” to overthrow the country’s military leadership.

Yevgeny Prigozhin claimed that his Wagner fighters had entered Rostov-on-Don after crossing the border from Ukraine into Russia.

Anyone who stood in their way would be destroyed, according to Prigozhin. The local governor advised residents to maintain calm and stay indoors.

According to Prigozhin, a Russian military helicopter that “opened fire on a civilian convoy” was shot down by his men. He did not provide a place, therefore the claim could not be confirmed right away.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to deliver a national address in 5 minutes, according to Russian state media.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has urged Wagner Group private military company soldiers to cease their armed insurrection, urging them to return to their bases.

In a statement on Saturday, the ministry claimed that members of the PMC “have been tricked into taking part in [Wagner group chief Evgeny] Prigozhin’s criminal gamble,” adding that some Wagner fighters “have already understood their mistake”and have asked the authorities for help in safely returning to their permanent deployment areas.

“This assistance has already been provided to those soldiers and commanders who sought it,” the ministry stated, asking Wagner members to “show prudence and get in touch with representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry of law enforcement agencies as soon as possible.”

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