The Himalayan Monkey Dance!

It’s a beautiful night; stars are out in numbers and shining brighter than their usual. The chilly night somehow feels amazingly warm and the snow over the mountains is glowing with a kind of glow that confuses the proven laws of physics.

I walk slowly, it’s as if my body doesn’t want to walk and yet it is traveling. Closer and closer I get; to peals of laughter and squeals of fun. Something is magnetically drawing me towards this strange rhythm as I keep on walking up the mountainous path with the beautiful moon in a starlit sky giving me company.

I could see them now. Foggy at first but clearer now, Himalayan monkeys they were, dancing; yes! the monkeys high up in the firs and pines of Kashmir were dancing. They were dancing to a rhythm that only an alpine forest under a thick blanket of snow can provide. The dance floor is a frozen lake right in the middle of a vast meadow surrounded by dark shrouds of ethereal darkness and the song that they are singing is perfectly audible to me, and yes for some unknown reason I could now understand “monkey”, yes the language of the monkeys is called monkey and so they sang:

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