On poll days, exhibit same spirit as witnessed during 2016 uprising: Hurriyat

Srinagar: Hurriyat leadership on Tuesday while reiterating their call for poll boycott said that people should exhibit ‘same spirit as witnessed during the 2016 uprising.’

United Hurriyat in a statement said that people should stay away from polls as ‘voting amounts to betrayal of the sacred blood of martyrs.’

They added that people should affirm pledge with the ongoing movement (Tajdeed-e-Ahud) on Friday and organize protest rallies from April 8th evening onwards.

“It is prerequisite to follow the mission with same spirit as was witnessed during people’s uprising in year 2016, “the statement said.

The statement, “We carried their (martyrs) bodies and how can we barter their blood for sham elections.”

The leadership urged that people should boycott the upcoming elections and convey a message to the world that Kashmir is a dispute these elections are ‘staged’.

“Elections cannot be an alternative to the right to self-determination for people in Jammu & Kashmir,” joint Hurriyat statement maintained.

Calling the mainstream parties ‘stooges of India’, the Hurriyat leaders said that their only aim is to hold on to their chairs and strengthen Indian occupation in Kashmir.

“Pro-Indian parties are stooges of occupation, said resistance leaders and referring to their deceitful politics, said that NC, PDP, State Congress, PC other pro-India political come from the same breed and their “aim and design remains to strengthen India’s military control over Kashmir,” they said.

They also pointed out that New Delhi passes of these ‘sham’ elections as people’s consent of Indian hegemony over Kashmir.



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