Rohingyas, Bangladeshis are possible ‘human bombs’, might be used by militants: Jammu Chamber

Our ‘identify and kill’ statement misread by ‘negative and anti-national elements’

Srinagar: The Jammu Chamber on Saturday said that their ‘identify and kill’ statement was misinterpreted by ‘negative and anti-national forces’. In a statement, Jammu Chamber also said that illegal Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants are possible ‘human bombs’ who might be used by militant organizations.

In a statement they clarified that by using ‘identify and kill’ they meant that foreign settlers should be identified and effective measures should be taken to ‘kill’ the issue.

“The hard words used in our press note yesterday “Identify and kill” meant to identify these foreign settlers and take effective measures to kill the issue which otherwise may result into rioting someday resulting in loss of precious human lives for which the state and the union government shall be solely responsible. They can neither be allowed to stay as refugees  as per Article 370 &  we feel it  has either to be implemented in toto or be repealed and nothing concrete was happening although the district administration is doing all they can but it needs a bigger Political will and a clear stand of the state government,” the statement read.


‘By using ‘identify and kill’ we meant that foreign settlers should be identified and effective measures should be taken to ‘kill’ the issue.’


The statement also pointed out that Rohingyas and Bangladeshis are possible ‘human bombs’ which might be used by militants.

“It is open to all that these Rohingyas and Bangladeshis are into thefts, drug traffickers, possible human bombs and harbourers to be used by militant organizations. They are criminals with no records of their names and identity and moreover disowned by their own countries and are living in a state where security must be the highest concern,” the statement pointed out.

The statement also observed that the hard words were used due to ‘frustration’ and feeling of ‘helplessness’.

The hard words used by the Chamber in the press note yesterday are just a outcome by feeling frustrated and helplessness being felt by the peace loving and secular people in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The State and the Union Government must come clear on their stand on this issue before its too late and effective and urgent steps be taken to address the issue.

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