Jan Sena is only threatening, won’t come here, say locals

‘This proves that forces here are not competent enough to handle the situation’

Srinagar: A couple of days ago Jan Sena, a Kanpur-based socio-religious organization allegedly raised by a ‘saint’, said that they will come to Kashmir to help the Army in tackling stone-pelters.

Whether or not it happens, Kashmiri’s are against the move and also ready for it.

According to reports, Balyogi Arun Chaitanya, the ‘saint’ behind the idea had said that the Sena won’t stay quiet and will teach the Kashmiri stone-pelters a ‘lesson’.

He had also said that a couple of trucks with stones, adequate ration and tents will be dispatched along with around 13000 Sena members. The Sena was to perform a Yajna in the heart of Srinagar City, Lal chowk on Wednesday. As predicted by many common Kashmiris, nothing of the kind happened.

“They won’t come here and neither will they be allowed. The government should and will not allow such a stupid move. It is our problem. They sit and watch the so-called atrocities happening against their Jawans on their TV sets. They don’t have an idea of the reality. They don’t know how our children are brutally killed due to occupation,” said Rashid, a local shopkeeper in Srinagar.

Blaming the ruling coalition party in Kashmir, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the local elderly people in Srinagar believe that such moves are aimed at creating panic and further deteriorating the situation.

However, many locals found the Sena’s plan funny and laughed it away.

In response to a question about the Sena, a young student from the Downtown area of Srinagar replied, “Who is coming? John Cena? Their forces couldn’t do anything, what will this John Cena do?”

Then on a serious note he said, “Wouldn’t it be a great idea but we are not going to fool around, sit silent and do nothing,” said the student.

Asked what he thinks about the training of the Sena members to tackle with the stone-pelters, he smiled and said, “I was born with the art of stone pelting. We have Masters in that. A small child is enough for this Sena. Pehlay hum Chaidtay Nahi, Phir Hum Chodtay Nahi (We don’t instigate anything but once it’s instigated, we don’t let go until we are done).

Many young men and women Free Press Kashmir spoke to have an opinion regarding the issue. However, they requested anonymity.

Another student said, “It won’t be good for the Kashmiris residing in different states of India. If the Sena comes here, they will hurt Kashmiris, we will hurt them back and then Indians will react by hurting every Kashmiri they see.”

A shopkeeper Abdul Rehman attending to his daily chores said, “It means that Hindustan’s grip here is very weak. We have about 8 Lakh forces already present here. What is the state doing then? Do they want bloodshed here? They just want to threaten us and nothing.”

Another local Ghulam Nabi said that the need for such a Sena infers that the forces present here are not capable enough to deal with the situation.

“Instead of stones, let them get bangles for the forces present here. We are old now. But, we are ready to fight them,” he said.


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