Army Resorts To Aerial Firing In Kulgam After Launching ‘Crackdown’

Srinagar: Back to days of 1990s when civilian population of Kashmir would wake up to pre-dawn ‘crackdown’ operations by army, police and para-military troopers, people in a village in Kulgam district witnessed a similar incident Tuesday morning.

Reports and local sources told the FPK over phone that army men had launched crackdown in Okay village of the district this morning.

“However, people resisted the operation,” local sources said.

They added that some civilians were thrashed by the army men which angered the people who protested against the “army’s high handedness”.

“The army men resorted to aerial firing to disperse scores of women who protested against the thrashing of the civilians,” local sources informed.

The crackdown, akin to 1990s, was launched in the village around 6 am and asked all males, aged above 10, to assemble in a local stadium.

Reports coming from the area said that as soon as the news of crackdown spread around the village, “people came rushing towards the area to help the besieged populace”.

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