‘Anti-Modi lobby tried to frame me in a sting operation,’ alleges Lawmaker Rasheed

‘Dare them to show my footage’

Srinagar: Lawmaker Er Rasheed on Saturday claimed some persons who introduced themselves to be working against Narendra Modi government, “tried to frame him in a sting operation”.

Addressing a presser in Srinagar, Rasheed, who represents Langate constituency in J&K Legislature, slammed Indian media for its “bias” towards Kashmir.

Notably, a Delhi based TV news channel claimed that its crew, in a sting operation, “was successful in exposing Hurriyat Conference leader Nayeem Khan”.

The purported video run by the news channel shows as how Khan, along with two other Hurriyat Conference activists Bitta Karata and Gazi Javaid, claim that they receive money from Pakistan.

Asking “conscious people of India” to know the ground realities of Kashmir, Rasheed said, “The sting operation (on Nayeem Khan) done by the news channel (name with held) is an attempt to defame Kashmir.”

“The news channel even tried to trap me and for that its crew had laid a net (around me),” he claimed.

Rasheed revealed names of two persons whom he claimed contacted him who wanted the Lawmaker to protest regarding demonetization, LoC killings, dialogue with Pakistan and Human Rights violations in Kashmir. A

According to Rasheed he was offered money to hold such protests in the J&K legislative assembly and outside as well.

“One Muzaffar from Baramulla approached me who said they (his other team members) want to meet him offering me all boarding and lodging expenses,” he said. “And finally we met in Srinagar at Hotel Sarovar (Potrica) where I was introduced to one Jamsheeed.)

“The team told me that there are few corporate houses in India working against (Narendra) Modi’s radicalism and fascism… (because) they are concerned about Muslims (of India),” he added.

Displayed screenshots of messages, received through Short Messaging Service (SMS), from Muzaffar and his team, Rasheed said, “when they said that some Indian corporates are concerned about what is happening in Kashmir I got interested in it. Because I support the (Kashmir) cause, I gave it a thought.”

“But things happened in such a manner that I could not meet him (Muzaffar) till J&K assembly session ended (winter session which was held in Jammu) in 2017 and when I returned to Srinagar, I was approached again,” he added.

MLA Langate further said, “We met on 6th of March where I was told that they are working as representatives of anti-Modi lobby explaining Dalit atrocities and degrading status of economy in India.”

Rasheed also mentioned that they asked him to hold protest demonstrations about demonetization, shelling on LoC, dialogue process with Pakistan and that PM Narendra Modi is denying human rights to Kashmiris.

“I was offered money to carry these activities,” Rasheed claimed. “I had a laugh and told them that I am already doing these things without money and I don’t need money to talk about what is our right.”

Rasheed also pointed out that Muzaffar and his team tried to ‘hypnotize’ him.

“But I out rightly rejected (them),” he claimed.

“I did not know they are these under cover journalists rather terrorists,” he alleged.

Rasheed dared the news channel to run the footage and “tell people they ran the dirty operation against Rasheed”.

Asking the mainland India not to “use Kashmir as tool of earning more TRPs”, Rasheed further said, “These (TV) anchors seem to be the spokespersons of the RSS and intelligence (agencies).”

“This is a peoples’ movement,” he said.

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