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5 Things that won’t break your fast during Ramzan

Ramzan is here and many people get confused about what breaks a fast, and what doesn’t.

Here is a list of five everyday things, that will not break your fast.


1. Brushing your teeth

The fast will not break as long as you do not swallow anything intentionally.
Scholar: Al-Fawzaan, Ibn Baz.


2. Nose Bleed

The fast will not break if it not done intentionally.
Scholar: Al-Lajnaa.


3. Blood Test

As long as you’re not giving blood in a large amount.
Scholar: Al-Lajnaa.


4. Using eye drops

Using eye drops will not break your fast. However, nasal drops will break your fast.
Scholar:Ibn Baz.


5. Using perfume or Itr

Using perfume will not break your fast.
Scholar:Ibn Baz, Ibn Al-Uthaymeen.

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