Break the economic strength of Kashmiris to make them surrender: BJP lawmaker spreads a message

T Raja Singh Lodh

Srinagar: In a stunning message to his Hindu brothers and sisters, a right wing lawmaker has asked people of India to boycott the Kashmiris during pilgrimage to Valley.

By doing so, he said, Kashmiris will stop fighting against the Indian establishment.

In a Kashmir bashing video message, a lawmaker belonging to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), T Raja Singh Lodh (39), has related the Hindu pilgrimage to the economy of Kashmiris. He asked the fellow countrymen to break the economic strength of Kashmiris to make them surrender.

Singh has removed the video message he had posted on his ‘Sri Ram Channel’ on YouTube last month.

Besides being an MLA, Singh also occupies the position of party whip for Telangana.

“To every Hindu living in Bharat, I have a message,” he said in 4 minutes and 21 seconds long message.

“The way our Sainiks (Indian army soldiers) are being attacked in Kashmir by Muslims and the way the terrorists are being helped in valley. Would you like to take revenge for all this? He asks the common man living in mainland India.

“If the youth of this nation assert that the attacks on soldiers should stop and we need to take revenge of all this,” he said, “if all Indians think and feel then I have small request to make.”

He said that during vacations in May, June and July in mainland India, many families (from India) go to Kashmir for pilgrimage. They pay visit to Vaishno Devi shrine and then “Baba Barfani” at Amarnath.

“It is my request to those families that they should not buy anything, not even for Rs one, from traitors of Kashmir,” he said, “Un Gadaar Kashmiri Musalmaanu say na khareeday (Don’t buy anything from these Muslim traitors of Kashmir).”

“I appeal Hindu brothers not to buy anything when you visit other places in Kashmir from these Gadaar Kashmiris who attack our soldiers by stones,” he added.

“Soldiers are being attacked, killed.”

“If these things are kept in mind, I assure you… these traitors live only because of our money,” he claimed.

“If we stop, for one year, two years, three years and for four years, buying anything (from Kashmiris), they will surrender before us. They will accede that they do not want Pakistan anymore. They do not want separate Kashmir. That they will live in Bharat,” he said in the video message.

“By boycotting their business, they will come crawling and seek apology.”

He said that Kashmir is crown of India. “Kashmir is not property of any person.”

In a warning, he said, “for (retaining the land of) Kashmir, we can kill anyone as we can die for it.”

He suggests his fellow Indians to cultivate “such like sentiments”.

“If my request is acted upon,” he said, “within a few years whole scenario will change and there will be no attacks on army and people will come in our fold.”

“Kashmir is ours. Kashmir belongs to India and you will see, if you do these things, Kashmiris will surrender before you,” he said addressing the Hindu Yatris. “But traitors of Kashmir need to be answered.”

Singh represents Goshamahal (Hyderabad) assembly segment in Telangana Legislative Assembly.

It is one of the fifteen constituencies in Capital city of Hyderabad. Part of Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituency, T Raja Singh of BJP is representing the constituency for the first time.

A news report said that Singh is no stranger to controversy. “He has several cases of hate speech pending against him.”

It may be noted, the tourism sector in Kashmir is witnessing all-time low footfall of tourists this year. To boost this sector, the PDP-BJP coalition government even announced fifty percent rebate on tourism packages to Kashmir. However, there has been no significant impact.

The tourism players have alleged that the negative reporting by certain Delhi and Mumbai based TV news channels have done massive damage to this industry.

The government has initiated several steps in this regard to counter this negative publicity. More so, the tourism department has been holding road shows and other programs in mainland India to attract the tourists.

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