Assembly session: You are Ikhwanis, NC lawmaker tells PDP

We were all militants, now we are mainstream, let it be, replies PDP Lawmaker

Srinagar: On the first, and the last day, of the special session of the J&K Legislative Assembly, lawmakers of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party and those from opposition including National Conference and the Congress accused each other of being associated with militant outfits in past.

The accusations were being hurled across the house after former Assembly speaker and MLA Sonawari Mohammad Akbar Lone accused incumbent Law Minister Abdul Haq Khan of being associated with a militant outfit called Al-Barq in past.

Another NC lawmaker, Ab Majid Larmi, who held a protest sit-in in the well of the house for entire day, called PDP’s Khan an ‘Ikhwani’ (renegade).

“You are Ikhwanis (Renegades),” Larmi said addressing PDP lawmakers.

“And you (Khan) were once a militant belonging to Al-Barq. We all know that. All Kashmiris know who is who,” Lone shouted at Khan.

Khan, while reacting to the accusation said, “if my association with any militant outfit was proved, I would resign from politics.”

National Conference leader Akbar Lone. FPK Photo/Vikar Syed

However, an angry Khan dared Lone: “If nothing is proven, then Mr Lone will have to resign from politics.”

Amid the entire ruckus, PDP lawmaker Javed Mustafa Mir got up and thundered, “We all were militants. Now we are in the mainstream. Move on…”

Mir’s temper was already high after his verbal duel with the Congress’s G M Saroori.

While Saroori was counting the ‘sins’ of the present dispensation and accusing them of ‘state terrorism’, Mir had retorted by saying that it was Congress which is the “root cause of all the troubles J&K is witnessing”.

“It was always Congress. It is because of you people that the state is in the current mess,” Mir pointed out.

To which Saroori replied, “Aap kay waalid ki Jad Congress mein hi thi (You father’s roots were in Congress only).”

Usman Majeed, MLA of Bandipora also joined the bandwagon and accused Law Minister Khan of lying.

“I know what I was,” he said while referring to his Ikhwan past.

While pointing towards Lone who was up in arms against Khan, Majeed said, “Aray Lone Sahab hum se poocho yeh kya tha (Respected Lone, ask me what Khan was in past).”

The entire obituary session of the Assembly turned political after opposition National Conference staged a protest against the PDP-BJP government accusing it of ‘state terrorism’ and following the ‘policy of Israel by using pellet guns on their own people.’


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