Idea of India will not be complete if the idea of Kashmir is demolished: NC

Ansari calls Rana a fuel thief, alleges that him and Rather have already got GSTN

Srinagar: National Conference legislator Davinder Rana on Tuesday said in the Assembly that the resolution tabled by the government shows their intention that they want to pass the GST without safeguarding the special status of the state.

He also said that the extension of the new tax regime to the state in its current form is an ‘attack on the idea of Jammu and Kashmir as well as India.’

“Your intent is clear by the resolution that it (GST) should be passed in the House,” Rana said.

He added, “My great nationalist friends from the BJP, who very strongly vouch for it, would agree with me that the idea of India will not be complete if the idea of Kashmir is demolished, tarnished or broken.”

In his speech he urged the members from both sides to shun differences and come together for a solution so that history does not write ‘adverse notes on our actions’.

“Unfortunately politics is taking over this moment. This is the time when both sides (Govt, Opposition) should take a coconscious decision as to what is good and what is bad. What is in the interest of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, what is in the interest of the idea of Jammu and Kashmir, what is in the interest of the fundamentals of Jammu and Kashmir on which the idea of JK is based on.”

“Sides will change, but this house will remain, Inshallah! And who said what will echo here and these chandeliers will stay testimony to that,” Rana pointed out.

The NC leader stressed that history has given this house a moment to introspect and it’s high time to shun political differences.

“Nobody wants to usurp this government. That is not our aim. Nobody is eager to jump on to that side. History has given us a moment to introspect.  Honourable members of this house, let’s get out of this paradigm of congested thoughts and politics. Let’s work together for a tangible solution which can save us and history does not write adverse notes on our actions,” Rana said.

He also appealed that Kashmir should not be made a ‘political theatre’ by New Delhi to showcase politics related to the mainland.

“Jammu and Kashmir is suffering a lot because there is an effort from certain forces to make the state a political theatre for the rest of the country. India’s politics should not be played from Lal Chowk or Leh. Let the politics of India be played from Delhi and other heart lands of the country,” Rana appealed.

However Rana was interrupted by Imran Ansari, Minister for Youth Services and Sports for taking a ‘moral high ground’ which he has no right to as he has already registered his businesses under the GST.

Ansari alleged that he (Rana) and former Finance Minister Abdul Rahim Rather have already shifted their businesses to the new tax regime.

“You and Rather Sahab (Abdul Rahim Rather) have migrated your companies to GST and got GST PIN. But your opposition to GST extension does not hold water as you are deceiving traders and public,” Ansari said.

Imran Ansari, Minister for Youth Services and Sports

Rana, in reply to the Minister’s allegations said that he didn’t know that his company has applied for the GST.

“May be some official in my company may have applied, but I have not personally applied for GST PIN. If my company has got the pin, my company is not like those which evaded tax and indulged in Tax chori (tax fraud).”

The statement angered Ansari and he resorted to personal attacks by saying that he can ‘lynch him here’ as he knows all about his ‘shady businesses’.

“Rana, I can lynch you here. I know all your shady business. You are a fuel thief.”

However, the NC leader maintained his calm and didn’t respond to Anasri’s personal attacks and continued with his speech.

The Minister later clarified that he didn’t mean to physically lynch Rana but his intention was ‘political lynching’ by exposing his ‘shoddy business deals.’

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