Speaker apologizes after ‘lynching threat’ to Rana

If anything happens to me, responsibility lies with the Government: Rana

Srinagar: National Conference legislator Devender Singh Rana on Wednesday asked the speaker Kavinder Gupta to take action against cabinet Minister Imran Ansari after he threatened to ‘lynch him’.

Rana said that the speaker should direct the Director General of Police to file an FIR against Ansari. He stressed that ‘if anything happens to me, the responsibility lies with the government.’

“If you will not do it, I will walk up to the Shaheed Ganj police station and do it. They can’t deny as this is a criminal case,” Rana said.

The opposition created ruckus and demanded that the speaker should listen to Rana and issue directions for the FIR.

Rana also pointed out that if the dignity of the house is to be maintained then action should be taken against the said minister.

“And if the governemt approves, then I salute you and the government and the house,” Rana added.

BJP president Sat Sharma said that by filing an FIR, the opposition wants to show their ‘pedestrian thinking’ (Choti soch).

“Yesterday we were also told that, like Syama Prasad Mookherjee was ‘killed’ in Kashmir you will also be killed like that. Action should be taken against such statements too,” Sharma said.

Speaker Gupta however apologized and asked the members to restrain from calling names and threatening each other.


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