Whenever there is international pressure, GoI raises the ‘bilateral’ bogey: Mirwaiz 

Srinagar: The All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) on Friday said that whenever a third country offers to mediate the Kashmir issue, the Government of India (GoI) quickly rejects it, resorting to promises of ‘bilateral’ talks with Pakistan.

APHC is an alliance of 26 political, social and religious organizations formed on March 9, 1993, as a united political front to raise the Kashmir cause. This alliance has historically been viewed positively by Pakistan as it contests the claim of the Indian government over the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Referring to the GoI response to Chinese offer of mediation, that Kashmir issue is to be bilaterally resolved Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that “whenever there is international pressure and outrage over the situation here and a third country offers mediation to resolve the dispute, GoI quickly rejects it saying that it they will resolve it bilaterally with Pakistan.”

China, on Wednesday, offered to play a “constructive role” in improving India-Pakistan ties, saying the “conflict” in Kashmir had attracted the world community’s attention.

Referring to this as Orwellian “double-speak”, he said that “When Pakistan asks India to engage in dialogue with both them and the people of Kashmir to address the dispute , GoI refuses and dodges, saying Kashmir is an internal problem and links the people’s struggle to so called Islamic terrorism.”

Mirwaiz said that the present situation of direct confrontation between Indian and Pakistani forces on the borders testifies the fact that ‘status quo’ in Kashmir cannot work any longer and immediate steps have to be taken to resolve the issue.

“New Delhi must shun its military approach and show maturity and magnanimity by bringing all the three parties on table for the early and honourable resolution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Kashmir and do away with the impending danger of catastrophe hitting the region due to mounting threat of war,” he further added.

APHC Chairman Mirwaiz, who continues to be under house detention since past four weeks, strongly denounced the government for barring him from offering Friday prayers and delivering religious sermon to the gathering at the Jamia Masjid and ‘turning entire the downtown into a military garrison while laying siege of Jamia Masjid.’

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