Will provide beef on 50% discount: Rasheed to Parrikar

Srinagar: MLA Langate Engineer Rashid on Thursday said that Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) is exploiting religious sentiments of Hindus by importing beef from Karnataka and western countries.

Accusing BJP leadership of ‘exploiting religious sentiments’ of the Hindi community, Rasheed has said that Manohar Parrikar’s claim to import beef from Karnataka and western countries has exposed ‘Sangh Parivar’s hypocrisy and real face.’

While addressing a public meeting at Panzgam, Kupwara, Rasheed said “Those killing Muslims in the name of cows need to answer that if cows are holy only at places where BJP and Sangh Parivar deems them so?”

“If cow is holy in Gujarat how is slaughtering animals fair in Karnataka or any other part of world,” he added.

“Manohar Parrikar’s proposal to import beef in Gawa is ample proof to conclude that BJP is crying cow protection only as a political slogan to divide Hindu’s and Muslims for electoral gains,” further added.

Rasheed offered Manohar Parrikar to “get beef from J&K as the production of beef is much more in this state because of the fact that there is abundance of green pastures.”

Rasheed offered Mr. Parrikar “50% discount on beef purchases” as compared to rates available in Karnataka or any other western country.

To avoid beef shortage in Goa, chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Tuesday said the BJP-led government had kept open its option of importing it from Karnataka.

Rasheed added that “those killing Muslims in the name of beef should not forget that when Home Minister Rajnath Singh visited North East states recently, a beef party attended by three thousand people was held to give Rajnath Singh a louder message that eating or not eating beef is a personal choice of every individual.”

Rasheed “appealed to the masses on the occasion to remain united not only fight for the political rights but sang Parivar’s anti-Muslim politics.”

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