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15 things you can do to recharge yourself this weekend

It’s difficult to not be stressed in today’s day and age. But coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and an uncertain job market, it can take a toll. People in highly stressful jobs who have less control on their work are 22% more likely to have a stroke than those with low stress jobs, new research has found.

On the flip side, Stressful jobs can make you find ways to work around problems and can actually be energising, claim researchers.

Working long hours affects your health in many ways. Here are 15 things you can do to revitalize yourself this weekend:

1. Read a Book

It helps the mind to escape the stresses of life while also sharpening your brain and helping to raise intelligence.

2. Start a New TV Series or a New Movie

With the advent of services like Netflix and Hulu it has never been easier to discover a new TV show that perfectly fits your entertainment wants. You can sit down for a few hours and watch the whole first season of your favorite show. You could also watch a whole movie series if you wanted to. All while curled up under the covers.

3. Brain Teasers

For some, relaxing the body and mind can be more about changing its train of thought than actually turning it off. Games like crossword puzzles and sudoku are perfect ways to relax the mind in one area while turning another area on. It can be great fun and done just about anywhere.

4. Take a Hike!

Nature is a beautiful thing and it can be wonderful when you are able to surround yourself with it. On the weekends, going for a nice hike or a walk can be a perfect way to get some exercise while enjoying the serenity of the outdoors.

5. Let Everybody Know

A small unconventional way to relax on the weekends is to simply tell your co-workers that you are unavailable for work. It can be easy for colleagues to pester you about work on your days off and this can make it hard for you to relax. Politely let them know that you do not want to be bothered with work.

6. Friends, Friends, Friends

It can be hard to see your friends when you have so much going on during the work week. A nice way to relax on the weekend is to change the scenery and hang out with people other than your usual coworkers.

7. Go for a Drive

If walking or hiking really isn’t your thing maybe going for a nice drive will help you clear your mind. If you can, get out of the city and drive out in the countryside or along the shoreline, depending on where you live, but of course, don’t drive anywhere near your work.

8. Podcasts

If you love talk shows or listening to the radio then podcasts are a perfect option for you. Podcasts work the same as downloading music to your iPhone except, podcasts are free! Podcasts are segments of discussion, ranging from ten minutes long to an hour, about everything from economics to culinary arts. You are sure to be able to find something that deeply interests you.

9. Family Time

Spending time with your family is a great way to spend your weekends. You could take a small road trip to the lake or simply to the local ice cream parlor. Your family loves you and it can be very rejuvenating to embrace that love.

10. Cook Food

With all the technology in this world it has never been easier to quickly look up a recipe and go for it. You can even find step-by-step videos as well as complete guides to everything from desserts to bacon based recipes.

11. Cleaning

While this may not seem very relaxing it can be an extremely rewarding endeavor. Blast some music and get to dusting. You will be done before you know it!

12. Take Some Pics

Cameras nowadays are not that expensive and going outside to take pictures has never been easier. It can be a great way to relax by capturing the wildlife and nature in a photograph.

13. Don’t Check Your Email Right When You Wake Up


During your day off, keep your phone out of your room so you can begin your day with a peaceful frame of mind. “This is your day. If someone needs to reach you badly enough, they can call. It’s easy to get distracted on the Internet, then before you know it, the whole day is gone,” says Life Coach Julie Holmes in an interview with Bustle over email.

14. Surround Yourself In Nature

Take a drive far away from busy city life and enjoy nature with your loved ones, like going for a trek or taking a hike in a park. If the weather permits, take a slow mindful walk in nature, paying particular attention to the movement of you legs, the sights, smells and sounds around you. Luxuriating in soft, slow moments like this are so deeply calming and restorative, they allow the batteries to recharge quickly and effectively.

15. Do Low-Stress Exercise

Instead of stressing your body out with a vigorous exercise routine, try a different approach by doing yoga or another type of mindful exercise. If you are going to practice some form of physical activity, remembering that most forms are quite demanding and you want [to] recharge.


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