Raising alarm on 35-A a ‘chameleon attempt’ of the ‘green wielding’ party: Karra

‘Extension of three central laws in three years gift of PDP to the people for voting them as single largest party’

Srinagar: Ridiculing the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for betraying the public mandate, senior congress leader Tariq Hameed Karra said that raising an alarm on the attempts of abrogation of Article 35-A by the party leaders was yet another ‘Chameleon attempt’ by the ‘green’ wielding party to deceive public.

In a statement, Karra cautioned the people to understand that tinkering with Article 35-A could take away the right of state subject certificate, which otherwise, was protecting the distinct identity of the state.

He recalled that it was he, who had raised an alarm much in advance and cautioned the party against allying with the BJP and its detrimental impact in the coming days, keeping in view, the public faith the PDP was then enjoying in the state.

However, Karra said that while resigning from the party and the Parliament, he cautioned the people and the politicians of the state about the outcome of nefarious nexus of BJP-PDP of entering into conspiracy of doing away with special status of the Jammu and Kashmir.

The Congress leader said that now when the Chief Minster has a warned against abrogation of Article 35-A, she actually has endorsed his stand and justified his moral ground of quitting the PDP.

Karra however pointed out that the damage has already been done and extension of three central laws to the state in last three years was the gift of PDP to the people of the state for voting them as single largest party.

He said the surrender was so shameful that one of the laws was directly extended from Rajya Sabha without even being ratified by the state Assembly.

“I wish she must have shown the high moral ground at the time of renegotiating the alliance with BJP after Mufti sahab’s demise, still, the situation would have been different.”

Karra said that PDP leadership was now trying to use the slogans again in order to shield their misdeeds and misadventures but added, the people were now too wise to fall prey to the ‘chameleon’ politics of PDP again.

Karra said this is a new cosmetic shift to rhetoric of shedding crocodile tears, which people fully understand. He said the party which is in league with BJP wants people of Kashmir to believe that they are not going to tolerate the abrogation of Article 35- A but has forgotten to explain why it could not prevailed upon its ally to file even an counter affidavit against the petition of the RSS backed NGO against the Article 35-A in the Supreme Court.

Karra said the time for Political theatrics was over and PDP must understand that people of the state cannot be taken for granted anymore. He said that ‘chameleon’ character of PDP stands fully exposed and people are fully aware of their hidden agenda now.

(With inputs from KNS)

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