Humans rights commission directs govt to install CCTV in all police stations

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Srinagar: State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) on Tuesday directed the Government to install CCTV Cameras in all Police Stations of Jammu and Kashmir.

A case titled Deepak Kumar Sharma of Jeevan Nagar Jammu regarding the installation of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras was listed before the Commission. While disposing the case, SHRC member Jung Bahadur Singh Jamwal observed that the acts of torture and custodial deaths are happening in Jammu and Kashmir intermittently and many a times police personnel convert a criminal case into civil dispute, though the Commission has no such records of how many custodial deaths have been occurred.

The SHRC member according to a report in CNS, news agency, observed that installations of CCTV Cameras will bring the transparency and the capturing of footage will stop harassment and human rights violations. At the same time, it will help sometimes police to refute the false allegations leveled by some visitors.

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