Viral Whatsapp message about donation for treatment of ailing teacher turns out to be a prank

Srinagar: We are all familiar with playing a trick or two on our teachers in our school and college days. The students of Islamia College of Science and Commerce, Srinagar, did something that went out of hand.

One of the teachers has a reputation for being extremely strict, particularly during examinations. Out of frustration, the students created a Whatsapp message which went viral.

The message said, ‘A teacher of Islamia college name____is suffering from liver cancer. Now, the doctor wants to operate him but operation charge is too much enough almost 50 lakhs. He himself can’t afford that amount. Now the Whatsapp company has advised to share the photo and each share will get 1 rs. Now I request you on behalf of him and his family plz share it as much as you can.’

‘This message went viral on Whatsapp and Facebook. Relatives of the professor got worried and started calling. Some of our students who are in Delhi also called to enquire. I received a call from the college. The commerce students have widely circulated it in their circles. Even a news group shared it which had almost 100 members, because of which the college was prompted to lodge a complaint; otherwise it would have been ignored.’ Said Rafiq Lone, assistant professor in the Islamia College of Science and Commerce.

The only reason that has surfaced is that the teacher is strict. He has a reputation in the college for being strict, particularly during examinations.

An FIR has been lodged by the college authorities in the police station, Nowhatta.

The Facebook page of University of Kashmir had to post a message saying that the message is fake and should not be circulated.

‘Some mischievous elements have created a despicable Whatsapp message against a revered faculty member of Islamia College regarding his health status. It is completely fake and hoax. Everyone is requested not to share/circulate the same.

The college administration has already lodged a complaint with Police Station Nowhatta. Action under rules shall be initiated against the culprit.’

According to Lone, this is the first time such an extreme step has been taken by the students of this college.

However, this is not the first time Whatsapp has been used to circulate fake news. There have been a number of instances, including rumours of the new currency notes featuring a GPS chip and videos related to Muzaffarnagar riots that were shared virally on WhatsApp.

This incident took place one day after teacher’s day was celebrated.

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