Humans of Hindutva calls it ‘quits’ in a Facebook post

India: Humans of Hindutva, a satirical Facebook page criticizing the right-wing politics, Hindutva, RSS, and the Prime Minister Modi, on Saturday, in a Facebook post called it ‘quits’.

“I think the time has come to call it quits. It was a good run but ultimately I realised that you guys are not worth a bullet in my f****g head. I’m tired of arguing with people for the last 5 months,” he said, in the Facebook post.

The post, generating over 339 shares just on the original post, and around 1200 comments on the same, was liked over 4,000 times. While most ‘fans’ of the page expressed their grief over this decision of the admin of the widely liked page, some people ‘respected’ his decision and stood by it.


Some comments were made calling him a loser who was scared too easy. Some people even criticized the move saying that it was done to get funding.

“I have worked hard over this period and have written over 80,000 words of original ‘content’ in this short span. It’s funny how you think you can never write a book until you have an audience and then somehow you can’t wait to write each day. Some of my favourite writers were as prolific…only they didn’t have someone call them a “madarc**d” every 5 minutes. I thank you guys for reading through my random thoughts. But now it’s come to the point where I have to argue with people who I thought were on the same side as me. I’m tired of explaining the intention behind my words again and again and again. Your interaction with me has opened up a side inside that I didn’t even know existed but in the bargain it has exhausted me to no end. So I bid you goodbye. Cheers,” he wrote in the long Facebook post.

Humans of Hindutva has been known for criticizing the policies of the currently BJP led government. Criticising India’s Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi’s demonetisation and the loss in the GDP percentage months after the move was implemented abruptly on November 9, disregarding all old currency, and ‘an aim to digitalise currency’, he wrote.

Recently, on September 6, when Gauri Lankesh, a senior Kannada journalist and a strong critic of right-wing Hindutva and BJP led government, was shot dead in her apartment house in Karnataka. The country rose up in solidarity against the brutal killing of the journalist, while ‘Nationalist’ tweeple commended the killing of the journalist.

Humans of Hindutva in a satirical post, wrote:


Her killing triggered shock and anger across the country, with protests in many cities. However, there were many who made offensive remarks against Lankesh over her left-leaning views.

Nikhil Dadhich, who calls himself a “Hindu Nationalist” and is followed by PM Modi on Twitter, called the slain Kannada journalist-activist “a bitch” who deserved to die.

Reacting to that, the page HoH shared a few satirical memes condemning the hate-speech against the slain journalist, especially by those followed by the PM himself.

Answering to threats sent to him after condemning the killing of the journalist, the admin said in a Facebook post:

The Gorakhpur tragedy, in which around 70 babies lost their lives due to the lack of oxygen, called for a response by the page. A facebook link share where Yogi Adiyanath mistook Quartz for an explosive, and drove into panic, said:

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