Gauri Lankesh’s fate awaits you: Kerala Hindu group leader tells secular writers

Thiruvananthapuram: Days after noted journalist Gauri Lankesh was killed in Bengaluru, Kerala Hindu Aikyavedi leader K P Sasikala, has accused the ruling Congress party in Karnataka of the murder and threatened secular writers saying that the fate of murdered Kannada journalist Gauri Lankesh also awaits them.

The Hindu Aikya Vedi (HAV) or Hindu United Front is a Hindu organization working in the state of Kerala in India. The group is dedicated to bringing in various sections in Kerala Hindu society such as the Nairs, Ezhavas and other Hindu community groups under a single umbrella group.

Addressing a meeting in North Paravur in Ernakulam district, 250 km north of the state capital, Sasikala urged such writers to perform a “Mruthunjaya Homam” (a ritual to escape from the clutches of death) at Lord Shiva temples if they do not want to meet the fate of Lankesh who was shot dead in Bengaluru last week.

The speech has gone viral on social media.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has condemned the speech and directed the police to take necessary action. “The attempt to divide people on the lines of religion and caste will be viewed seriously. It is sad such utterances also reached Kerala,” he said.

Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala urged the government to book her under non-bailable provisions of IPC.

Another Congress leader, V D Satheesan lodged complaint with the state police chief asking him to register a case against Sasikala immediately.

The BJP government at the Center had also accused the Congress government in Karnataka of not providing security to Lankesh, who is a well known critic of Hindutva.

“One more has fallen, this time in Karnataka. All are chanting that if a Keechakan (demon) has died, the killer has to be RSS. There is a tendency to put all blames at the doors of the Sangh. Lankesh’s murder is one such,” she said.

“Nobody can contain the growth of RSS. It did not have to commit such a murder. The Congress government has to be blamed for it. If you want to live longer I urge the so-called secular writers to visit nearest Shiva temples and perform Mruthunjaya Homam soon,” she said.

She said if the RSS has gone ahead and killed writers antagonising the organisation the country would have been wiped out of writers. “RSS never needs such a label. It knows well that it turns stronger when they criticise it,” she said.

Notorious for hate speeches Sasikala is facing many such cases. A couple of years back she was stopped from boarding a plane at Thiruvananthapuram airport after the UK denied her visa to visit the country following complaints against her.

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