Big wall created between Hindu Jammu and Muslim Kashmir, says Civil Society Group

‘Will unite people of all three regions to defend Article 35A in SC’

Srinagar: The Civil Society Coordination Committee, We The People, on Monday said their job is to bridge the gap socially, politically, and geographically between Kashmir and Jammu as there is a lot of disparity that has been created between the two regions.

The group comprises five members Awami National Conference Chief Muzzafar Shah, Advocate G N Shaheen, Advocate Mir Javed, Sikh leader Jagmohan Raina and Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam.

Addressing a press conference here, Shah said this particular civil society group is of diverse opinions. “Our job is to bridge the gap. A big wall has been created between Hindu Jammu and Muslim Kashmir,” he said.

Shah said they will start a campaign and will reach to every nook and corner of the state and bring all the people beyond religious and political lines under one banner to fight the evils of abrogation of article 35A.

“We will pick up a full civil society which will comprise members from Jammu and Ladakh and Kashmir. This group will stand there in the Supreme Court and will be part of the all the SC deliberations on Article 35A. This is the job we want to do as a part of this committee. We have joined together irrespective of political views and religion.”

They said the people of Jammu and Kashmir on this part of the ceasefire line take Article 35-A and Article 370 as the spirit of their identity till final resolution of the dispute on Jammu and Kashmir and would not like to disturb Article is sought to be disturbed by involving Supreme Court of politically sensitive which has potential to ruin the rot.

Therefore, it is the incumbent duty of Indian National Congress to protect the Article 35-A and restore Article 370 in letter and spirit till final resolution of the dispute on Jammu and Kashmir, they added.

“The attempts to disturb or play with Article 35-A has united the people of Jammu and Kashmir in all the three regions ie. Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, because nobody wants to play with it or allow anybody to play with it. We all stand in defence of Article 35-A, irrespective of our political belief, religious denominations, ethnic classifications and regional destinations. Let us suggest do not play with it,” cautioned the members of the group.


(With inputs from KNS)

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